TMJ Disorder

Dr. David Dyer has training and experience with the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder. Symptoms of TMJ can include soreness, pain, or tightness in the muscles around the jaws, neck, and head, or clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint. You may also experience jaw clenching or night time grinding of teeth, limitation in the ability to open the jaw, headaches, ear ringing, and dizziness.

Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ

A healthy temporomandibular joint allows you to effectively talk, chew, and yawn! The muscles responsible for holding the head upright are associated with the muscles that control the jaws. In addition, the jaw joint is directly influenced by the fit of the teeth as they function. Therefore, a specially trained orthodontist is ideally equipped to treat both the symptoms and causes of this disorder. Treatment usually involves wearing a custom-made splint over the lower teeth for a period of time. This neuromuscular splint therapy can relieve the symptoms by allowing the muscles to relax and function in harmony with each other.

Dr. Dyer would love to help you find lasting relief from the discomfort and discouragement of living with TMJ Disorder.